post-xmas-party brunch


i’ve been wanting to check out back forty for brunch for quite some time now, and i’m glad i finally got to add their salmon eggs benny to my list. as soon as i stepped into this place, it was already winning on so many levels. they served me water in a mason jar and that instantaneously won me over because i absolutely love drinking out of jars (for some inexplicable reason). when i ordered a mimosa, my waitress suggested a mango mimosa instead, which sounded (and was) a million times better than a regular mimosa. they also had a coco mojito, which was a mojito made with coconut water (yay electrolytes). i am definitely coming back to try every single item on their brunch menu. i’d also love to come back over summer and make use of their massive patio.

our work christmas party was last night and i can honestly say that it was the best work related party that i’ve ever been to in my life. i started at dig media/the investing news network as their ad operations coordinator a couple of weeks ago and i am so happy with my new job! our work environment is amazing, i’m still learning a lot on the job itself, and our ceos are probably the coolest bosses you could ever have. for our christmas party last night, they treated us to amazing food and drinks at fat dragon bbq, more drinks at the blarney stone, even more food and drinks at the ascott, and then we all piled into a limo at the end of the night that brought everyone right home to their doorsteps. employee appreciation is so key in running a successful business in my opinion, and i feel like a lot of companies (sadly) undervalue the effect of a simple thank you… i’m so glad i’m working for a company with bosses that really understand employee appreciation, respect all their employees equally, know how to say “thank you”, and don’t cheap out when it comes to treating their employees right. when i feel appreciated, respected, and have a good work environment, it makes me want to work even harder and go above and beyond to help grow the company… which is exactly what i intend to do.