bucket-list item 101. try all the salmon eggs bennys in the world

to add to this list

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aphrodite’s organic cafe (vancouver, bc) – good food, shitty service.

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charlie’s little italian (vancouver, bc) – perfect hash browns, amazing benny, and they also do $4.50 caesars/baileys + coffee on weekends.

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cafe zen (vancouver, bc) – pretty ordinary, nothing special.

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oliver bonacini (toronto, on) – love how the eggs benny came on buttermilk & cheddar scones.

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rustic cosmo cafe (toronto, on) – hit the spot, and also came with a nice side salad.

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forage (vancouver, bc) – not usually on the menu and one of their specials of the day, so obviously had to get it.


the best eggs benny in vancouver.

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the bc benny (smoked salmon, cream cheese, and onions – i get it without the onions) they serve at the sunshine diner is the best eggs benny in town. i’ve tried quite a few different places over the years, and have found pretty good ones across the city, but i am sticking with my claim that this is the best eggs benny in vancouver. the hollandaise sauce that they make is to die for. i’m a fan of trying new things, but i can never deviate from my usual order. i love how over the span of almost 10 years, this dish hasn’t changed a single bit and tastes EXACTLY the same. the only thing that’s changed about it is that now it comes with a side of fresh fruit (that’s actually fresh, and not del monte in syrup from a can) and a bowl of homefries (you used to have to add it on for an additional charge), which are both great changes. they also make a pretty mean milkshake – thick, creamy, rich, and absolutely delicious. you can mix flavours together, so i usually go for the butterscotch espresso combo.

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the place itself is super cute – a legitimate 50’s style diner with comfortable booths, jukeboxes, and all the appropriate decor. great vibes, great service, and the best eggs benny in town.


so what is #100happydays?

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#100happydays #todayiamgratefulfor smoked salmon eggs benny

as well as being part of my #100happydays post for february 1, 2014, the smoked salmon eggs benny from the rumpus room can also be added to my list.

i kept seeing “#100happydays” pop up on a few of my friends instagram pictures, and wondered why everyone was using that hashtag. so i decided to google it. it came up with a pretty intriguing project and challenge:

can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

“we live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. while the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. the ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, is the base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being.

71% of people tried to complete this challenge, but failed quoting lack of time as the main reason. these people simply did not have time to be happy. do you?”

you then register on the site, choose your social media platform to submit your pictures (i picked instagram), use the #100happydays hashtag with a hashtag of your own (mine is #todayiamgratefulfor), and post pictures of anything in your day that made you happy.

i’m only two days into the challenge, but already i’ve become more aware of little moments in life that i am truly grateful for, mainly relating to the amazing people in it. i’ve always stopped to take time to reflect on and appreciate the life given to me, but to do it 100 days in a row, via a picture on instagram, is definitely going to take some effort. but… challenge accepted, and i fully intend on being one of the 29% of people that complete it.

follow me on my journey here.


whistler: new discoveries and opening day

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i don’t think anyone has ever mentioned a restaurant to me in whistler that i haven’t heard of or tried… until this weekend. maybe it’s because i’ve never really explored creekside fully, but the southside diner is a hidden gem that i experienced for the first time this weekend. the one that didn’t get away is their salmon eggs benny and it is delicious. the entire place is very cozy and cute, with an open kitchen that made me want to try everything that the cooks were making.

i’ve always known that no matter how many times you go up on the mountains, and no matter how familiar they become, you can always discover something new; it’s nice that the same concept can apply off the mountain as well.

opening day at whistler is one of my favourite days. maybe it’s because i went a whole six months without the place, but as soon as i step foot into the village, this giddy feeling of “i’m home!!” washes over me. the snow is always better than expected, and it just feels sooooo good to be riding again; i can’t even put the euphoria i feel during that very first run into words, because the term “euphoria” is definitely an understatement. every time i’m in whistler, i just feel so peaceful and content, and realize it’s a big part of why i worked so hard to stay in vancouver for all these years.


november 16, 2013 – whistler, opening day. photo taken by olga fedorov.

the burnt toast cafe, whitehorse


i was flown out to white horse a couple of months ago to run this promo for pedigree, who partnered up with the animal shelter for this event – it was one of the best promos i’ve ever done, and so hard not to take a puppy home with me! it was my first (and potentially last) time in whitehorse – the people were really nice, but the town was extremely small and surprisingly expensive. the buildings were old and worn down – it was like the town was built in the 1950’s and was just never touched or updated again. my $170 a night “hotel” room was on the first floor, didn’t come with air-conditioning (it came with an electric-fan standing in the corner), had 20 channels on the tv (half of them were static), and had this sign sitting in the bathroom:


i arrived late at night, realized i didn’t have cellphone service (apparently there are no rogers towers in whitehorse), checked-in, and was terrified that someone was hiding in the closet ready to murder me.

the sun came out the next morning though, and i’m pretty sure i discovered one of the best things about whitehorse – the burnt toast cafe. it was located right across the street from my hotel, and served a phenomenal breakfast. i sat right by the window, and the sun shined directly on me while i ate my delicious meal (here’s their brunch menu) and drank my coffee. the waitresses were so friendly (i found that everyone i met in whitehorse was generally quite nice) and the place itself was super cute.

would i ever come back to whitehorse? probably for this cafe, to see the northern lights (but i’d stay at this resort next time), and to see this face again:


post-halloween brunch: upper deck kitchen & taphouse

halloweenbrunch halloweenbrunch2 halloweenbrunch3 halloweenbrunch4

we stumbled across this hidden gem today while wanting a post-halloween brunch on a sunny patio – the upper deck kitchen & taphouse (which is speakeasy, rebranded). the place was laced with halloween decorations and they had a “trick-or-treat special” on today, which was a cooler full of assorted beer for $3.50 a bottle. the pacific benny (poached eggs on english muffins with cured smoked salmon, hollandaise and hashbrowns) was made with an amazing-tasting hollandaise sauce, the key ingredient in any benny. their patio was like heaven on earth – the sun shone directly on our table and it felt like summer… in OCTOBER!. it actually got so hot that i had to take off my sweater and i was sitting out there in a tank-top and flip-flops. moments like these make me so happy that i live here.

ps. here are a few halloween pictures from last night. is it obvious who we’re all supposed to be?

halloween halloween2 halloween3 halloween4 halloween5

“sun” run? more like “hope it doesn’t rain” run


we actually got pretty lucky today because despite being absolutely freezing cold in the morning, the sun made an appearance during the vancouver sun run. i actually don’t know if i’ve ever run 10 k in my life (and if i have, it’s definitely been a while), so i was quite satisfied with my time of one hour and five minutes. i was also tired from partying all weekend, and so sore from snowboarding the day before (genius idea, i know), but i got up and did it with no excuses. it was definitely a rewarding experience… and so was my post-run experience at the fish shack afterwards with a bowl of clam chowder, oysters (buck a shuck until 5 pm daily), the pesto smoked salmon eggs benny (which was more like cooked salmon and definitely not smoked, but i guess i can still add it to my list), and a few alcoholic beverages.