the burnt toast cafe, whitehorse


i was flown out to white horse a couple of months ago to run this promo for pedigree, who partnered up with the animal shelter for this event – it was one of the best promos i’ve ever done, and so hard not to take a puppy home with me! it was my first (and potentially last) time in whitehorse – the people were really nice, but the town was extremely small and surprisingly expensive. the buildings were old and worn down – it was like the town was built in the 1950’s and was just never touched or updated again. my $170 a night “hotel” room was on the first floor, didn’t come with air-conditioning (it came with an electric-fan standing in the corner), had 20 channels on the tv (half of them were static), and had this sign sitting in the bathroom:


i arrived late at night, realized i didn’t have cellphone service (apparently there are no rogers towers in whitehorse), checked-in, and was terrified that someone was hiding in the closet ready to murder me.

the sun came out the next morning though, and i’m pretty sure i discovered one of the best things about whitehorse – the burnt toast cafe. it was located right across the street from my hotel, and served a phenomenal breakfast. i sat right by the window, and the sun shined directly on me while i ate my delicious meal (here’s their brunch menu) and drank my coffee. the waitresses were so friendly (i found that everyone i met in whitehorse was generally quite nice) and the place itself was super cute.

would i ever come back to whitehorse? probably for this cafe, to see the northern lights (but i’d stay at this resort next time), and to see this face again:


mom’s french-toast


my mother taught me how to make her delicious french-toast over the holidays. it’s so simple, but sooooooo good!

ingredients: bread, eggs, cinnamon, and condensed milk.

beat one egg, mix some condensed milk in, and sprinkle some cinnamon into the mix. soak two slices of bread in the mixture and leave it to soak in the fridge overnight. fry in a pan the next morning and breakfast is served! it also goes well with maple syrup and a side of bacon.

the elbow room


apart from adding the bc benny from the elbow room cafe to my salmon eggs benny list, the restaurant also has an interesting concept behind it. the menu has a list of “rules” about how the waiters and waitresses are purposefully rude to you; they don’t deliver your typical and expected “is there anything else i can get for you?” customer service that is always said with a smile at almost any other restaurant you go to. i can see how this is a place you either love or hate. the food was really tasty and filling, and the service/rudeness didn’t really bother me but… i really didn’t like how they wouldn’t fill your water up and made it get it yourself. even after pleading with them (and trying to ask different waitresses), they still wouldn’t do it. that eventually resulted in me doing this (yes, all those glasses are mine):


breakfast in under five minutes


ready for some multi-tasking?

place slices of cheese (mozzarella is my favourite) and cooked meat (ham, turkey, bacon, etc.) on a piece of toast and put that in the toaster oven.

while that is happening, put some butter in a pan, fry an egg up, and season it with sea-salt and pepper. i like to fry my egg until it’s cooked obviously, but making sure that the yolk is still runny.

if there’s an avocado around (i unfortunately did not have one this morning), cut it up and sprinkle some lemon juice, sea-salt, pepper, and garlic powder on it.

pop the toasted creation out of the toaster oven when it’s done (aka once the cheese is melted to perfection) and place the egg on top (along with the avocado pieces).

and there you have it… an open-faced breakfast sandwich that took under five minutes to make.