spaghetti squash with bacon

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ingredients: spaghetti squash, bacon, onions, garlic, parsley, sea-salt, and pepper.

preheat over to 350°. cut spaghetti squash in half or have it cut in half for you at the store – they usually will if you ask nicely, and it will save you a lot of time and frustration (trust me, cutting a squash isn’t fun). scoop the seeds out. place the squash halves face-down on a baking tray that’s lined with a tiny bit of water (to ensure the squash doesn’t burn). bake the squash for about 40 minutes and then scoop the strands out with a fork when done.

make bacon in a pan and save the bacon fat. chop up garlic and onions, and fry in the bacon fat. add the spaghetti squash in. chop up the bacon and add it in as well. season with parsley, sea-salt, and pepper.


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