whistler: new discoveries and opening day

whistler1 whistler2 whistler3 whistler4

i don’t think anyone has ever mentioned a restaurant to me in whistler that i haven’t heard of or tried… until this weekend. maybe it’s because i’ve never really explored creekside fully, but the southside diner is a hidden gem that i experienced for the first time this weekend. the one that didn’t get away is their salmon eggs benny and it is delicious. the entire place is very cozy and cute, with an open kitchen that made me want to try everything that the cooks were making.

i’ve always known that no matter how many times you go up on the mountains, and no matter how familiar they become, you can always discover something new; it’s nice that the same concept can apply off the mountain as well.

opening day at whistler is one of my favourite days. maybe it’s because i went a whole six months without the place, but as soon as i step foot into the village, this giddy feeling of “i’m home!!” washes over me. the snow is always better than expected, and it just feels sooooo good to be riding again; i can’t even put the euphoria i feel during that very first run into words, because the term “euphoria” is definitely an understatement. every time i’m in whistler, i just feel so peaceful and content, and realize it’s a big part of why i worked so hard to stay in vancouver for all these years.


november 16, 2013 – whistler, opening day. photo taken by olga fedorov.


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