homemade almond milk

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i’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now, but just haven’t gotten around to it. i even put it on my bucket-list, not because my life would be incomplete and i’d be unfulfilled if i never got around to it, but because it might have a higher probability of actually happening if it was written down somewhere on a list. i kind of treat my bucket-list like a life-long to-do list anyway. and guess what? it worked – i made almond milk.

when it comes to making almond milk, i’ve found that there are so many different ways to go about it. how do you know which one is the right way and will produce the best tasting almond milk?! well, you don’t (especially if it’s your first time) so you just have to pick one and stick with it… or wing it and combine a bunch of different methods, based on what you feel will produce the best results… which is what i ended up doing.

ingredients: almonds, a strainer or a nut milk bag (after trying the strainer method, i strongly suggest a nut milk bag, and i will definitely be getting one for next time), water, vanilla extract, honey, and a blender.

soak one cup of almonds in a bowl of water overnight in your fridge – i let them soak for over 12 hours, as i read that the longer they soaked, the creamier the milk would be. once they’ve been soaked, take the almonds and peel the skin off if you have the patience – according to my friend chloe, “with skins on, the milk will have a different texture and won’t resemble conventional milk.” she is probably right, but after squeezing a few off and realizing i still had like 100 almonds to go, i wanted to shoot myself – i don’t do well with mundane, repetitive, mind-numbing tasks. i consulted the other recipes i was following and none of them said anything about taking the skins off, so i made the executive decision to throw it all into the blender. put two cups of water in with the almonds (for “the consistency of 2% milk“) – i figured if i wanted it thinner, i could always add more water, but wouldn’t be able to subtract water if i wanted it thicker. blend it around for a couple of minutes (add honey and vanilla extract somewhere along the way) and then strain the mixture – i used a strainer and a spoon (because i saw it on a youtube video that i can’t seem to find again now) but BIG MISTAKE! i now see why people use a nut milk bag to do this, and i would highly recommend it, even though i’ve never used one. using a strainer and a spoon to squeeze out the almond milk was time consuming and painful, and i’m never making that mistake again. taste the almond milk – add more honey and/or vanilla until you like what it tastes like. store in a jar and refrigerate.

and there you have it… almond milk!

next time, i will definitely use a nut milk bag. also, i might try peeling all the skins off the almonds… but with a substantially smaller test-batch. through a little trial and error, i have no doubt that i will have my perfect homemade almond milk in no time.


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