gurkha himalayan kitchen

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tonight, i tried himalayan food for the first time with my friends lauren and dong at the gurkha himalayan kitchen on davie. it was a spontaneous dinner decision that also quickly turned into a celebration dinner for no reason… and by that, i just mean we went all out by ordering almost everything on the menu, along with a nice bottle of cabernet sauvignon.

i picked up a menu and felt like i was reading a different language because none of the names of the dishes looked even remotely familiar to me – i was oddly excited by this.

we decided to order a variety of dishes off the menu so we could have a little taste of everything. here’s what we ordered:

  • taas: special nepali snack prepared with grilled lean lamb meat, sautéed in fresh peppers, onions, and spices. served with puffed and beaten rice mix
  • momos: tibetan style steamed dumplings served with chutney
  • lhasa chow mein: stir-fried soft noodles with vegetables and tofu (or chicken), seasoned with soy sauce and fresh coriander
  • sherpa chicken: fresh chicken cooked with broth extracted from herbs and mixed with curry sauce, flavoured with himalayan peppercorns
  • pokhara lamb: boneless lamb marinated overnight in yogurt, ginger-garlic paste and gentle nepali spices. grilled to perfection and served with gurkha pulau
  • gurkha pulau: basmati rice cooked with green peas, green onions, saffron, cashews and raisins
  • nepali roti: fresh baked whole wheat bread
  • tingmo: fluffy, steamed tibetan bread
  • dudhbari: popular nepali dessert with sweetened milk spheres in pistachio flavoured cream syrup
  • kheer: traditional & very popular nepali sweet dish, made with rice & milk & flavoured with cardamoms, raisins, cashew & gentle spread of coconut flakes

everything was so good and had such a unique taste – my mouth was exploding with all sorts of different flavours and i loved it. i definitely will be coming back to try everything else on the menu that i didn’t get to try tonight.


5 thoughts on “gurkha himalayan kitchen

    • i’ve never either until tonight, and i’ve been to so many different countries in the world… it’s definitely not a very popular cuisine but it should be because it was delicious! if you ever get a chance to try it, i would highly recommend you do so 🙂

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