post-halloween brunch: upper deck kitchen & taphouse

halloweenbrunch halloweenbrunch2 halloweenbrunch3 halloweenbrunch4

we stumbled across this hidden gem today while wanting a post-halloween brunch on a sunny patio – the upper deck kitchen & taphouse (which is speakeasy, rebranded). the place was laced with halloween decorations and they had a “trick-or-treat special” on today, which was a cooler full of assorted beer for $3.50 a bottle. the pacific benny (poached eggs on english muffins with cured smoked salmon, hollandaise and hashbrowns) was made with an amazing-tasting hollandaise sauce, the key ingredient in any benny. their patio was like heaven on earth – the sun shone directly on our table and it felt like summer… in OCTOBER!. it actually got so hot that i had to take off my sweater and i was sitting out there in a tank-top and flip-flops. moments like these make me so happy that i live here.

ps. here are a few halloween pictures from last night. is it obvious who we’re all supposed to be?

halloween halloween2 halloween3 halloween4 halloween5


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