kabocha “ravioli” with a hazelnut cream sauce

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ever find a recipe online and think to yourself, “oh nice, that looks awesome and super easy to make” because of how flawlessly it’s presented?

making assumptions is the worst thing you can do in life… especially with recipes like this.

here’s what i learned the hard way:

  • cutting a squash/pumpkin is difficult (although if you pierce it all over with a knife and microwave it for a couple of minutes, it does ease the process).
  • steaming a squash/pumpkin takes way too long and doesn’t really work – you’re better off by just sticking it in the microwave until it becomes soft.
  • little tools like “circle ravioli cutters” are often omitted from the ingredients list of recipes – luckily, resourcefulness with a hint of creativity quickly figured out that a wine glass would achieve the same results.
  • to make ravioli that sticks together, you probably need specific types of pasta sheets, or to make fresh ones from scratch.
  • spring roll wrappers that happened to be sitting in my fridge worked a little better than the pasta sheets that we picked up, but still weren’t the best choice.
  • your “ravioli” will look more like a first-grader’s art project, rather than a martha stuart magazine spread.

although our ravioli was far from aesthetically pleasing, the overall dish still tasted incredible, and we had a ton of fun making it – i don’t think i’ve ever laughed that hard trying to cook pasta before. next time though, i’m definitely making the filling, the sauce, and just piling it all on top of cooked (gluten-free) pasta.

ingredients for the filling: kabocha pumpkin, parmesan cheese, thyme, minced garlic, sea-salt, and pepper.

mix ingredients together – i recommend a potato masher for the job.


ingredients for the sauce: butter, chopped shallots, minced garlic, thyme, white wine, cream, and crushed hazelnuts.

sauté shallots and garlic in the butter over high-heat for a few minutes. reduce the heat and add the rest of the ingredients in. stir until ready to serve.



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