penny pinching at its finest


these fried rice noodles are my favourite go-to for a quick and cheap lunch from tnt. a small bowl costs $5.24 after taxes, and i’ve figured out a little penny-pinching trick (literally) that works in your advantage if you intend on paying with cash. ever since canada abolished the penny earlier this year, stores are required to round up or down. i’ve discovered that tnt opts to round the amount $5.24 to $5.20. so say you choose to get this (or a similar dish of the same price) every single day for lunch: you save four cents a day, and there are five work days in a week, which equals savings of 20 cents a week; in the long-run that means savings of 80 cents a month and $9.60 a year… which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s better than using your debit-card and saving nothing at all (and technically spending more).


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