color me #rad

fishshack fishshack2

the fish shack seems to be my go-to after short races (see: the sun run)… purely by coincidence, but it’s always worked out. luckily, they serve brunch until 3 pm, so i got to try their delicious chorizo and avocado eggs benny, paired with a big dog, which is their bull dog (sauza tequila, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, with inverted coronita), super-sized.

color0 color1 color3 color6

the color me rad run was the most fun 5k i’ve ever done. firstly, i don’t even think it was actually 5k, and secondly, the only times we really ran was through the paint or to get to the paint. we spent most of our time throwing the powdered paint on each other or rolling around in it. after we finished, there was a huge dance party with music blasting, and an mc on stage, throwing out paint packets to everyone. he counted down like it was new years eve, but instead of the ball dropping, everyone threw their paint up in the air while dancing. it was such a great experience and i’m so glad olga brought her phone/camera with her to capture it!


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