my bucket-list revisited one year later.

september always seems like the start of a new year – it could be because i went to school for a good chunk of my life, therefore i am forever conditioned to think that the start of a new school year equals the start of a new year. in the past, i always adopted a new hairstyle, shopped for new clothes and a new backpack, made new friends, and even moved to new countries in september. it also seems like the time when a lot of change tends to happen, in seasons, and in life (i am actually moving apartments for the first time in three years this weekend).

i posted my bucket-list one year ago on september 18, 2012.

items that i’ve managed to complete in a year:

1. lay on a beach in hawaii.
2. learn how to snowboard (whistler, 2006) snowboard everywhere. – i managed to add sun valley, idaho and mount baker, washington to my list.
3. have a drink with adam levine. – we made eye contact and he put his arm around me… close enough.
4. try the hottest wings at wings.
5. have a patio brunch at lift.
6. see daft punk play a live set… and have them bring the pyramid back out for it. – i hesitated to put this on my bucket-list when i first wrote it because i knew daft punk was done touring with their pyramid… but i decided to include it on my list anyway. in june, “daft punk” (supposedly a cover-band) came out and performed at celebrities, complete with an exact replica of the pyramid set that daft punk used… they were so good that kelly and i were actually questioning if it was daft punk. like SO GOOD that i feel like i satisfied this item on my list. it goes to show that nothing is impossible.
daftpunk daftpunk2
more pictures via blueprint here.

7. eat at hy’s steakhouse.
8. float down a river in a tube, with good friends, and a lot of beer (bellingham, 2013).
9. train for and run a half-marathon.
10. see justin timberlake live in concert. (added bonus: i got to see jay-z as well, since they toured together – july, 2013).
11. go tubing in the snow (christmas day in whistler, 2012).
12. drive a snowmobile (saskatchewan, 2013).
13. try all the food-trucks in vancouver – i managed to add a few more food-trucks to the list.
14. bake a pie from scratch.

i decided to organize my pending bucket-list items into categories, and add new items to the list.


since this is a food blog, i thought it would be appropriate to start it off with the “food” category.

eat at one of gordon ramsay’s restaurants.
eat at the world’s 50 best restaurants.
try all the food-trucks in vancouver.
try fried alligator at the swamp shack food truck in portland.
try the shrimp pimp food truck in santa monica.
try all the smoked salmon eggs bennys in the world.
eat gelato in italy.
go to japan and eat authentic japanese food.
go to the tsukiji fish market for sushi in tokyo.
go to the blind restaurant in kits, dark table.
try all the items off the catch 122 brunch menu.
try (at least a sip) of every single drink off a drink menu.
make lamb in a crock pot.
make risotto from scratch.
make almond milk.
sear scallops.
make an authentic pad thai that taste identical to the ones you can get in thailand.
make all the recipes i’ve re-pinned on my pinterest account.

adventure, activities, and sports
go skydiving.
swim with dolphins (subic, 2008) in the wild.
drive a sexy car on a racetrack… fast.
drive a ferrari.
learn how to snowboard (whistler, 2006) snowboard everywhere.
land a 180 (seymour, 2010) and 360 on a snowboard… consistently and effortlessly.
try surfing (malibu, 2007) get good enough at surfing to enjoy it.
get up on a wakeboard (shuswap lake, 2011) learn tricks.
go jetpacking.
get certified and go scuba diving.
go on a helicopter ride.
kiss someone with a tongue ring.
find and go on the largest roller coaster in the world.
rappel down a building in the city.
go rollerblading around the seawall.
go bareback (horseback-riding) and gallop along a beach.
try sandboarding.
go to a sporting game and sit in vip box seats, with unlimited booze and snacks for the entire game.
do two bikram’s yoga classes back-to-back.
…and a few other “adventures and activities” that are more private, and probably shouldn’t be posted on here.

visit all the contents in the world (except for antartica) – three down, three to go.
lay on a beach in hawaii (honolulu, 2012) go to maui.
travel to europe and go to as many countries as possible.
go to oktoberfest in germany.
lay on a beach in the south of france.
go to ibiza.
sail around the mykonos islands.
drive on the autobahn… fast.
take a trip abroad to volunteer and better someone’s life.
go to south africa.
attend the world cup and watch england play.
go on a 5-star cruise ship.
stay at an underwater hotel.
go to an all-inclusive resort in mexico.
go to zimbabwe, purely because of the country’s name and nothing else.
fly first class on a long flight (10+ hours).
fly in a private jet.
go on a road trip across the entire country (either canada or usa).
go to the gold coast in australia.
go back to jakarta/bali and see how much everything has changed/developed.
see the northern lights.
go to dubai.
go to goa, india.
go wine-tasting in a vineyard in the okanagan.
go to san francisco.
go to turks and caicos.
go to brazil.
go to all these places.
and these places.
swim in these waters.
go to pamukkale.
spend a good chunk of time in spain, doing all these things.
stay at an el nido resort.

shows, concerts, and celebrities
see the lion king on broadway.
bump into joshua jackson in vancouver, and take a picture with him.
get a verified-account celebrity follower on twitter (ernie halter, 2012) get a retweet/reply.
watch the ellen show live during one of the ones where she gives things away.
see michael buble in concert.
see keith urban in concert.
see dr. dre and eminem in concert together.
go to tomorrowland.
go to edc.
go to coachella.
go to bonnaroo.
go to burning man.

material possessions
own a car of my own.
own a home with a rain shower.
find a huge beach picture that is spread out on three canvases for my wall.
own a vacation home by a body of water (beach, lake, or both).
own a boat to go with that vacation home.

true love, family, friends, and pets
go on a romantic beach vacation with a boyfriend.
marry the love of my life (on a beautiful beach) – write my own vows and mean them.
have and raise kids with my husband.
renew my wedding vows on my 25th anniversary (on a beach, with our kids) – write my own vows and still mean them. set an example and make our kids respect and want what we have.
retire (on a beach) in a beautiful home, and grow old with the love of my life.
buy my parents an extravagant present (like a yacht) for no reason at all.
pay my parents back one day, plus more.
watch one of my best friends (samy) audition for (and win) a show like american idol, xfactor, or the voice.
own a HUGE dog – raise it and love it from its puppy days.
plan a best friend’s bachelorette party.
make a speech at her wedding that will make both of us cry.
have a girls night with my best friends at age 50 – eat ice cream cake, drink wine, talk about sex, reminisce, and laugh even harder than we do now.
celebrate my 61st birthday with people i love.
own a horse.

goals (career and otherwise)
obtain permanent residence (november, 2011) a canadian passport.
write and publish a book.
do some work/a big campaign for a worthy cause and make a huge difference.
change the world.
learn how to speak french fluently.
reach 5,000 followers on instagram (or on an equivalent social platform – pinterest, twitter, facebook, etc.)
be influential enough in the social media space to be offered a verified account.
cut off all my hair and donate it to cancer.
live in a country as an expat again.
run my own business.
look back on this list when i’m older and cross everything off this list as “did that”.


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