reflections, hotel georgia.

reflections reflections1 reflections2 reflections3 reflections4 reflections5 reflections6

i absolutely LOVE the rooftop patio at reflections, located at hotel georgia – it makes me feel like i’m on vacation, at a spa resort in asia. ok so the term “rooftop patio” might be a little deceiving as a description since it’s only on the fourth floor, but i guess it’s as “rooftop” as vancouver gets. for some reason, vancouver doesn’t have any 50th floor+ ACTUAL rooftop patios – city bylaws maybe? it’s such a shame because a rooftop patio in vancouver would be absolutely stunning! every city in the WORLD seems to know how to build proper rooftop patios, why can’t vancouver get it right?!

anyway, back to my review on reflections and off the topic of my “whyyyyy are there no rooftop patios in vancouver?!” rant. so yes, awesome space (well i’ve only been on the patio, so i can only give my opinion on that). decently priced beers ($7/$8 – comparable to most places in this city), but the wine is a bit pricey (i think the cheapest glass is like $13). the moscow mule is an amazing cocktail – a definite must-try. the food here is tasty, but pricey – i think a salad i had once was around $13. the fried potatoes bravas is probably the best bang-for-your-buck – at $7, it’s big enough to share, filling, and very flavourful.

the ambience is what does it for me though. it’s definitely a bit pricier than most places but it’s still also cheaper than an actual vacation, so it does the trick.


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