yelp elite event: food cart festival preview


photos courtesy of yelp. more pictures found here.

in my opinion, this was definitely one of the best elite events to date!

the samples were awesome, the sizes of the samples were perfect, and it was just a great event overall. one of my goals is to try all the food-carts in vancouver, and this definitely brought me closer to that goal!

my personal favourites were the perogy from holy perogy and the mango chicken with naan bread from soho road… although, the latter might be my bias, because i thought the guy who served me that sample was pretty cute. the poutine from kaboom box was pretty good too, and i was completely baffled when i was asked “poutine or salad?” – umm what?! the dougie dog and soda served at the truck was also a collective favourite of the group i was with. even though the dougie dog we tried had jalapeños on it, we didn’t find it spicy at all… but that could also be because we had just tried the hottest wings at wings the day before.

it felt pretty good walking out of there full off delicious samples, and seeing the massive line that was forming (since it opened at 12 pm to the general public), that we didn’t have to wait in… that was at least a half hour wait we avoided!


i’m also happy that we got more than a +1 at this event, so i could share this awesomeness with my friends, and with my cousin who was visiting from out of town… this was definitely a highlight of his trip and made him love vancouver that much more!


the food cart fest is open to the public and happens every sunday (12 pm – 5 pm), until september 22, 2013. 215 west 1st avenue (entrance on the seawall). admission is $2 (free for anyone 15 and under). partial proceeds go to a loving spoonful.


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