nailed it!

ImageImageImagesometimes, things don’t turn out the way you envisioned it would. life isn’t perfect. people aren’t perfect. shit happens. and sometimes, all you can do is shrug, laugh at the situation, try to fix it the best you can, and say… “nailed it!”

the baked egg in an avocado (pictured above) was my first “nailed it” situation of the night. the avocados i had were too small, so the eggs were spilling over everywhere. i tried to fix it by improvising, and one avocado ended up being an egg-white avocado. it wasn’t part of the original plan, and the entire process to get to the end result wasn’t clean or perfect, but i actually preferred the egg-white avocado to the original one.

the second “nailed it” situation of the night involved trying to make this:
if you read the instructions on the blog, it seems so easy and effortless to end up with perfect-looking results. pfffttttt. what they failed to mention is that it’s going to be messy, you will end up dying your hands for a day if you’re not prepared and don’t have gloves, your pattern will probably not look like that at all (unless you have perfected the art of tye-dying), you need to pull on your shirt and stretch out certain parts, you need a friend to sit on the shirt while braiding it because it doesn’t just do that naturally, sewing is probably the most difficult part of the process (you will hurt your fingers doing it), and it will probably look nothing like what it’s supposed to… but it’s super-fun to make if you do it with friends and as long as it’s comfortable on, that’s all that matters.

so here’s what that process i just described above looks like in pictures:


nailed it!

and on that note… here are 28 people that definitely nailed it (via buzzfeed).


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