grateful for a father’s day dim sum and a whole lot more


i was unable to spend father’s day with my own dad and family, as they live half-way across the world in the philippines, but i was lucky enough to spend it with kelly and her step-dad paul, who has become like a father to me here in vancouver. we went to jade dynasty for dim sum and it was some of the best dim sum i’ve had in vancouver… food comas ensued.

although i missed out on brunch at the shangrila in manila with my own blood-related family, i am so grateful i have friends here that are like family to spend certain holidays and special occasions with.

“23. family or friends to celebrate holidays with. there is something that absolutely breaks my heart about seeing people by themselves at the bar on holidays, especially christmas. if you have someone to share these days with, be thankful, it may seem as though everybody does, but that’s really not reality.” – an excerpt from 95 reasons you actually have it good on the thought catalog.

i’ve actively made a conscious decision to recognize all the little things in my every-day life that i should be grateful for, rather than focusing on negative aspects or things that are missing.


i have so much to be thankful for:

  • the ability to walk, run, see, hear, smell, and taste.
  • being able to afford a lifestyle that i love in vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  • an awesome roommate and a harmonious living situation that has worked for almost three years now, and continues to work out well.
  • a dishwasher. and in-suite laundry.
  • a job with a steady income, and an office that is so close to my apartment.
  • a bathtub, along with an endless supply of red wine and face-masks.
  • getting to enjoy the sunshine from my balcony on those perfect, sunny days.
  • best friends who are strong, independent women that have the ability to be brutally honest with me – they teach me how to be stronger and respect myself even more each day, which helps me evolve into the best version of myself i can possibly be.
  • friends and family all over the world that still remain in my life and provide so much love and support, despite the distance and time difference.
  • skype, facetime, gchat, facebook chat, telephones, viber, whatsapp, imessage, and the million other (free) ways to stay in touch and communicate.
  • a passport and permanent residence.
  • the freedom to make my own decisions.
  • my dad, who has given his entire family (immediate and extended) a better life by working hard, and by never being too selfish to help out. thank you for taking such good care of my mother (especially now), my education, all our family vacations, and for being supportive of my dreams/goals/plans/decisions, no matter how stupid they might seem (or actually are) at the time.



3 thoughts on “grateful for a father’s day dim sum and a whole lot more

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