training tips for your first half-marathon, along with a post-run brunch


i had plans with lauren to lay out on wreck beach this morning, but the weather wasn’t cooperating… so we decided to go for a run around the seawall instead. we made an epic brunch afterwards of bacon, eggs, hash browns, fruit, and avocado, (complete with a caesar for her, and juice mixed with vodka for me) that ended up being the perfect post-run brunch.
as much as i was looking forward to lounging around on the beach today, it’s probably a good thing this happened because i haven’t been able to squeeze in my long-run yet this week… and according to the seawheeze app, “the long run is the most important run of the week” and it should be done at “an easy, conversational pace” – so it’s a good thing i brought lauren along because we definitely conversed while we ran.

knowing i have to run a half-marathon in august has definitely kicked my daily exercise into high-gear. every time i have that “should i go for a run today or should i sit on my couch and do nothing?” debate in my head, i remind myself of the half-marathon i have to train for, and end up getting off my ass to go for a run. it’s definitely hard to get up and get going sometimes, but “oh man, do i regret going for a run” is a thought that has NEVER crossed my mind afterwards.

anyway, i thought i’d share some half-marathon training tips that have been working for me. these are a combination of advice that has been shared with me by seasoned marathon runners and tricks i’ve discovered on my own.
  1. start training early – it’s never too early to start.
  2. get proper running shoes – i got mine from the running room and they were definitely an investment, but make such a difference.
  3. commit – sign up for that half-marathon asap, understand that you are doing it, and just commit.
  4. follow some sort of training schedule: the one that comes with the seawheeze app., look one up online (here’s one that was shared with me), have an awesome personal trainer like dallas make you a custom training schedule… or do a combination of all three, which is exactly what i’m doing.
  5. work on your upper body strength and make sure you’re doing more than just running – this can include yoga, swimming, cycling, etc. i personally like to do classes at yyoga and upper body/core workouts at the gym.
  6. download the free nike+ running app. that keeps track of your runs (how far you run each time, the pace you are running at, etc).
  7. constantly set goals for yourself – obviously my main goal is to FINISH the half-marathon, but i also want to improve my 5k and 10k time along the way.
  8. run 5k and 10k races beforehand to get a feel of the race environment, and to gage where you are in terms of your running. i did the sun run in april, and i’m doing the telus walk for diabetes (that i plan to run) tomorrow.
  9. ice your back and knees (and whatever else is a problem area for you) after your runs.
  10. take days off and REST: go sit on a patio or sit on your couch and do absolutely nothing, and don’t feel bad about it – you deserve days like that.
  11. if yoga isn’t part of your training schedule, don’t forget to stretch.
  12. run with friends – i always find myself running at a quicker pace when i’m running with someone versus just running on my own… and talking while you run helps build your endurance. also, company is always nice.
  13. listen to your body and be aware of what it’s telling you – push yourself obviously, but not to the point of injury. if it hurts in a bad way, stop.
  14. create an awesome running playlist with tons of energetic beats that keep you going and even make you run faster.
  15. run outside – running along the seawall is my route of choice.


if anyone has any training tips that i didn’t cover, i’d love to hear them, so please leave a comment! also, if you live in vancouver and have a favourite running route, i’d love to hear from you too!

2 thoughts on “training tips for your first half-marathon, along with a post-run brunch

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