my new-found love for all types of yoga


the smoked salmon and avocado roll that’s pictured above, actually has nothing to do with this post, but i needed a lead-in, since this is a food blog after-all. but if you’re interested in making it, that’s literally all that it is… smoked salmon rolled around mashed-up avocado (seasoned with sea-salt, pepper, and lime juice), topped off with some poppy-seeds (more-so for aesthetics than anything else).

anyway, onto what this post is really about… my new-found love for all types of yoga.

ever since i’ve been trying to heal and align my body versus just forcing it into bootcamp-mode, i’ve developed a different relationship with yoga. i used to be mrs. bikrams… no other yoga cut it for me because it wasn’t as intense and i didn’t feel like i was getting a workout. but i’ve recently joined yyoga and i have to say, one of my favourite classes is the restorative yoga. it’s ironic, because restorative yoga is the exact, polar-opposite of “intense”. you don’t even really stretch in the class… you just breathe. like REALLY breathe. and the teacher has somehow figured out THE most comfortable ways to position your body against or on a cushion.

i think one of the main aspects that has cultivated my new-found love for all types of yoga that isn’t bikrams is accepting each individual class for what it is, not having any expectations, and not constantly comparing it to anything else. “comparison is the thief of joy.” in the past, i’d find my mind wandering in yoga classes and thinking thoughts like, “oh this isn’t bikrams.”;”in ballet we’re turned out, not turned in like this.”; “i’m not sweating, which means this is too easy and i’m not getting a real workout.”; “why’d i come to yoga, i could have just taken a nap and accomplished the same thing.” i’d also find myself comparing myself to other people and trying to out-do everyone in the class. but i’ve really learned recently that that’s not what yoga is about. yoga is about YOU, your alignment, how you feel, connecting with your breath, being aware, and really, it’s about anything you want it to be about. if you’re benefiting from it somehow, physically or mentally, then it’s working. if you want to compete with someone, compete with who you were yesterday and challenge yourself to improve. some classes at yyoga don’t even have mirrors, which is actually a good thing sometimes because i find myself closing my eyes and really focusing on how my alignment feels, rather than focusing on what i look like and pushing the depth of the pose.
i think all types of yoga, the ones offered at yyoga (hatha, flow, yyhot, etc.) and bikrams all serve a different purpose, and there’s no “right or wrong”. every teacher is also different in their methods, even if they might be teaching within the same style of yoga. i personally just had to accept and embrace every individual class without any judgements, expectations, or comparisons, and i’ve begun to enjoy my practice in every class i attend that much more.



2 thoughts on “my new-found love for all types of yoga

  1. Amen. I feel like when you focus on the breath as opposed to competing with the person next to you, you find yourself getting into a pose you didn’t think was possible. Sometimes you just need to get out of your head to get there.

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