an unsuccessful pad thai, but a successful isb reunion night anyway


we either had the wrong noodles or recipe, but i’m convinced that pad thai is the hardest dish to make. the pad thai yukiko and i tried to make was definitely NOT pad thai (and i’m not posting the recipe for that reason). i’m actually surprised our “pad thai” was even edible by the end. thankfully, the best chef of the night, gary, brought over some delicious curry and made some other awesome dish from his legit chang mai cookbook (which i will have to steal recipes from to make in the future).

last night was such a fun night of board games and singhas, with a handful of isb alumni that now live in vancouver (and the addition of our “surprise” guest, dan baker). i love these reunions because even if we don’t see each other all the time or were even that close back in high-school, everyone can still get along, have awesome conversations, and just have a good time in general. it’s nice to reminisce about clubbing and going out to bars at the age of 14, buckets of kamakazes that make your tongue go blue, getting in trouble for uniform violations (aka wearing pants that actually fit you properly), driving around nichada on scooters, and just our strange, third culture kid upbringing and lifestyle. i remember when i first moved to vancouver, i absolutely dreaded the “where are you from?” question, but now, when i’m asked, my answer always is, “i live in vancouver” (and then if they push it, i follow up with a sigh, and say, “sit down…”). being brought up this way is like sharing a special and unique interest with someone, which connects you instantaneously; you immediately relate to the other person on a completely different level, regardless of what international school they went to, what class they graduated in, or if you even knew them from the past.

our next reunion should be planned ASAP (and we should only be allowed to make food from gary’s thai cookbook).


dan baker (class of ’06), joel panas (class of ’06), yukiko adachi (class of ’04), gary yarbrough (class of ’07), gretchen cruz (class of ’05), alex yeo (class of ’02).

ps. i love how gary is wai-ing in the picture.


5 thoughts on “an unsuccessful pad thai, but a successful isb reunion night anyway

  1. I love being a Third Culture Kid 🙂 Great post babe! I can only imagine how difficult making Pad Thai must be, don’t think I’ll be brave enough to try it for a long time – will leave it to the profeshs. Would love to be a part of a TCK reunion if I ever visit Vancouver. PS. I totally related to every bullet point in that link! Most embarrassing for me: “You have a passport but no driver’s license.”

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