a steam-fry and awareness

first of all, i would like to share this lovely steam-fry recipe that was shared with me by my friend and chef-extraordinaire, chloe elgar. i modified it a tiny bit because of the ingredients i had, and the time-constraints i was under (i made it on my lunch break).
ingredients: vegetables (i used bok choy, spinach, mushrooms, and broccoli), chicken broth (but you can use water if you’d like), oyster sauce (not part of the original recipe shared with me, but i added it in since i had some in my fridge), soy sauce (or you can use tamari, which is a wheat-free soy), garlic, ginger, sea-salt, black pepper, and cayenne.
place the veggies in a pot with the chicken broth or water (put about two inches in there, depending on how many veggies you have), along with all the other ingredients, and let it evaporate (but not completely, so it has some sort of sauce to it). you can also steam-fry the veggies in just the chicken broth/water and make a sauce to pour on top of it using all the other ingredients (plus tahini, miso, and olive oil, which were all part of the original recipe given to me that i will definitely have to try next time).
secondly, i’d like to discuss the topic of awareness. it’s amazing what a difference being more aware makes. are you sitting up straight? are you distributing your weight equally on both feet when you stand? how do different foods affect your body? how do you feel, physically and mentally? ever since my visit to the natruopath, i’m really monitoring and screening what i’ve been putting into my body, and paying attention to all the effects of what i consume has on me. bananas weren’t initially eliminated from my diet, but i’ve started to notice that i don’t feel good after i eat bananas, so i’ve decided to cut them out of my diet as well.
i think kamina really outlines and explains this concept well in her blog-post, “3 simple reasons you’re still not losing weight“.
be more aware. try it. and let it change your life.

2 thoughts on “a steam-fry and awareness

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