naturopathy and dietary restrictions


i saw a naturopath for the first time yesterday (i’d highly recommend it if your extended benefits plan covers it) and long story short, here are my new dietary restrictions:

  • no wheat or gluten
  • no dairy (no eggs)
  • no sugar
  • no grains (no rice and quinoa)
  • no beans
  • no red meat/pork
  • a limited fruit intake

i’ve gotten pretty used to a gluten/wheat free diet; eliminating sugar and dairy from my diet isn’t that bad either, as i currently consume little to none anyway (although not eating eggs might be a little bit of a struggle). taking out red meat and pork from my diet might be a little hard (especially when a steak salad craving hits), but i’ve done it before for nine months straight, so i know i can do it. removing grains from my diet is a different story though and it’s definitely going to be my biggest challenge.

i’m going to have to get creative with my meals.

today, i mixed tuna with mashed up avocado (instead of mayonaise or miracle whip), and added lime juice, sea-salt, pepper, and dill to it; i ate it with raw spinach, since i am no longer allowed to consume my beloved rice-crackers. it was actually pretty tasty and surprisingly filling!

i’ve asked my friend chloe for recipes that fit my dietary needs (you should also check out her blog by the way, it’s amazing) – i really wished my extended benefits covered “personal chef” as well, because i’d definitely hire her as mine.

if anyone has any recipes that clear my new dietary restrictions, please let me know, i’d love to hear from you!


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