on quinoa salads and being healthy


ingredients (for the salad): white and black beans, cilantro, cooked quinoa, mushrooms, peppers, jalepeno peppers, avocados, onions, and cucumbers.

ingredients (for the dressing): cumin, olive oil, chili powder, agave syrup, garlic powder, freshly-squeezed lime juice, sea-salt, and pepper.

chop up all the ingredients for the salad and mix it into a bowl; mix the ingredients for the dressing together in another bowl and pour it over the salad; mix it all together.

easy, quick, and healthy. and now i’ll have lunch for days.

recently, i’ve been trying to eat gluten-free for the most part and i’ve just become more aware of what i’m consuming on a daily basis. not only do i feel better physically when i eat well and exercise, but it also affects my mood and mental well-being in a positive way. i’ve by no means turn into an obsessive calorie-counting, health-nut that doesn’t ever indulge in some chocolate lava cake once in a while (because really, life’s too short not to), but i avoid buying processed foods from the grocery store (pre-made, store-bought burgers have always grossed me out) and consciously think about the food-choices i make – where it’s coming from, is this meat grass-fed, if there are preservatives (and other chemicals) in it, how is it really made, is it genetically modified, etc. “you are what you eat.”


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