baked prawns and quinoa


i grabbed the original recipe from here, and decided to modify it by making it even easier to cook, without compromising the taste. the hardest part of the whole process was peeling the prawns… and that actually wasn’t hard to do at all.

ingredients: prawns, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, oregano, thyme, canola oil, pepper, sea-salt, rosemary, lemon, quinoa, and chicken broth.

peel the prawns, place them in a zip-lock bag, and sprinkle all the spices in there. let the bag sit on your kitchen counter and pre-heat the oven to 425 degrees. make the quinoa in a pot, using chicken broth instead of water (i find it gives the quinoa a little more flavour when it’s prepared that way). once the oven is pre-heated, take the prawns out of the bag, scatter them on a baking sheet, and place it all in the oven. bake the prawns for about 15 minutes. serve on top of the quinoa and squeeze fresh lemon-juice all over.

delicious, easy to make, and gluten-free.


2 thoughts on “baked prawns and quinoa

  1. pretty sure this is the next thing we’re making in whist. that and the spinach stuffed chicken. boom!! they’ll have to roll us out of the house

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