“sun” run? more like “hope it doesn’t rain” run


we actually got pretty lucky today because despite being absolutely freezing cold in the morning, the sun made an appearance during the vancouver sun run. i actually don’t know if i’ve ever run 10 k in my life (and if i have, it’s definitely been a while), so i was quite satisfied with my time of one hour and five minutes. i was also tired from partying all weekend, and so sore from snowboarding the day before (genius idea, i know), but i got up and did it with no excuses. it was definitely a rewarding experience… and so was my post-run experience at the fish shack afterwards with a bowl of clam chowder, oysters (buck a shuck until 5 pm daily), the pesto smoked salmon eggs benny (which was more like cooked salmon and definitely not smoked, but i guess i can still add it to my list), and a few alcoholic beverages.




3 thoughts on ““sun” run? more like “hope it doesn’t rain” run

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