the best nachos i’ve ever made


that title should say “the best nachos i’ve helped make” actually, since these nachos were a team effort.

ingredients: tortilla chips, shredded cheese, cooked bacon, cooked ham, cooked sausages, beans, and olives.

we probably could have loaded it with more stuff, but we had to make-do with what we had. layering the nachos properly is KEY.

i spent the weekend up at baker with a few friends and all we did the entire weekend was eat, drink, and laugh. it was amazing. even though baker is only a little over an hour away from vancouver, it really felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. our cabin also had no internet or cell service and i cannot even put into words how wonderful that was. it’s so nice to completely disconnect, but so hard to do it fully, especially when you have the option to check your phone every second. it really makes such a difference when everyone is forced to disconnect from the outside world and just be really present in the moment with the people they are surrounded with. such a great weekend.



One thought on “the best nachos i’ve ever made

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