arguably the best sushi in vancouver.

toshis toshis4 toshis3 toshis2

toshi sushi is located on main street and there is usually a line-up that goes out the door. the place itself is miniscule and if you’re coming with a large group… good luck. they also won’t seat you unless your entire party is there.

although toshis (it sounds better no?) is only open for dinner (starting at 5 pm), and is known for its long lines (a decent-sized line already starts to form as early as 4:30 pm), this does not stop its increasing popularity and business. the sushi here is of such a first-rate quality that people keep coming back, even though they know how long they’ll have to wait for a table; you even might be forced to share a cramped table with complete strangers (i repeat, this place is MINISCULE).

it is the perfect balance between quality and price: the food has the quality of a high-end restaurant, but for regular and reasonable sushi prices. the fish is incredibly fresh and the sashimi just melts in your mouth. all the rolls are delicious, and it doesn’t even matter what you’re eating because everything is made with the same pristine freshness and quality.

worth the wait? absolutely. best sushi in vancouver? arguably so.


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