sun valley, idaho


bucket-list item #20. learn how to snowboard (whistler, 2006) snowboard everywhere.

i know this might be hard to believe, but going to sun valley, idaho has been on the top of my travel list for quite some time now. it just seemed like such a magical place in the middle of nowhere, so different to anywhere i’ve ever been… and it was. i’m convinced any place that takes effort to get to (we had to fly into boise in a propellor plane, and then drive two hours through the mountains) is usually worth it. we were literally in the middle of nowhere, and i can’t even explain in words how good that felt. the mountains were steep, the sun was shining, people were friendly, and the food was great. it’s a shame most of the places we ate at were at night/too dark to take decent food pictures, but amongst the many meals i had was the brass ranch meatloaf (buffalo, lamb, wild boar bacon, hunters’ sauce, smashed potatoes) from our sleigh-ride dinner at trail creek cabin (we actually took a sleigh-ride to and from dinner!!), a whole artichoke with dip, where you rip off the leaves one by one and scrape them with your teeth (i’ve never had this before in my life, but apparently it’s a common dish that a lot of people have had) from the pioneer saloon (locals call it the pio), an array of amazing sushi (apparently they get their fish imported from hawaii every morning) at zou’sshrimp enchiladas from ck’s, and $10 pitchers at one of the lodges at the mountain. TEN DOLLARS! not bad for a ski-resort.

my friend lauren and i got interviewed for the idaho news while we were at the skijoring event (the picture below can explain it better than i can in words): lauren told them that some of her high-school friends were “driving the horses” at the event, and i told them that i would rather live in idaho than new york city… and i meant it.



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