in honor of carl webb


today was the one year anniversary of the death of carl webb, who was my best friend’s father. so in order to commemorate him, a few close friends and i went out for mexican food (i ordered a chicken chimichanga from la casita, one of the best mexican places in vancouver in my opinion), and did a few of the things he loved to do while he was alive. lauren, you are one of the strongest and most amazing people i know in this world; i know your dad is very proud of you and how far you’ve come. i love you xox

Hello to all friends and family,

January 30th will mark the one-year anniversary of my Dad’s death, and I have been spending the last few weeks reflecting on his life and the things that made him so special. He was a pretty cool guy who liked to do all the simple things in life. Nothing too complicated, or too fancy – his true love was simplicity at its finest.

I am anticipating that January 30th will be an extremely difficult day, the last one of the many that have marked this year of immense pain and struggle for me. Instead of staying at home and being sad, I am going to spend the day doing some things that my dad loved. I am going to spend the day on a hike, head to a pool do some laps, sit in the hot tub for some warm relaxation after, and top the day off with a good old authentic Mexican meal. Just how dad would like it. I ask each of you to do something on January 30th that reminds you of my Dad and think of him in a positive light.

Although this day is very sad, it also marks the fact that we all made it through the first year in one piece, and for me, this is an enormous accomplishment. I am reaching out to all of you wherever you may be to help me through this day. You can do that by doing one simple pleasure in life that my dad would enjoy and sending me a picture of you doing it.

Things that I know my dad loved:
Go for a walk in the fresh air
Sit in the sunshine and soak up the rays – feel them on your skin
Throw a ball for your dog
Cuddle with your dog
Go for a drive to explore – or just go for a drive for no reason
Eat some Mexican food, chocolate cake, sliced turkey or cheese straight from the bag – drink milk from the carton.
Stick red Twizlers licorice strings up your nose and act like they are your boogers
Make a cozy fire and sit in front of it with your loved ones – (a real fire – none of that fake log non-sense).
Go for a hike, bike ride, motorcycle ride
Go Skiing, Kayaking, Fishing or Windsurfing
Seek out a natural hot spring – and go sit in it – RELAX and take deep breaths while you are there
Go to your local pool and have a long and slow swim

Thank you all for being such an important part of my life by giving me the love and support that I need.

Much Love,




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