crispy edamame


although i didn’t find this recipe as satisfying as the crispy chickpeas that i made the other day, it was still super simple to make.

ingredients: edamame, parmesan cheese, olive oil, sea-salt, and black pepper.

i would take all the edamame out of their shells first and then preheat the oven to 400 degrees when half the pack is de-shelled, because it does take a while to squeeze ALL of them out of their pods. then spread the edamame out on a baking sheet and toss them around with olive oil, salt, and pepper. sprinkle the cheese over the top of them and pop it in the oven.

this one only needs around 15 minutes in the oven (or once the cheese has turned a golden-brown colour) and they’re good to go!

so fast and easy.


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