breakfast in under five minutes


ready for some multi-tasking?

place slices of cheese (mozzarella is my favourite) and cooked meat (ham, turkey, bacon, etc.) on a piece of toast and put that in the toaster oven.

while that is happening, put some butter in a pan, fry an egg up, and season it with sea-salt and pepper. i like to fry my egg until it’s cooked obviously, but making sure that the yolk is still runny.

if there’s an avocado around (i unfortunately did not have one this morning), cut it up and sprinkle some lemon juice, sea-salt, pepper, and garlic powder on it.

pop the toasted creation out of the toaster oven when it’s done (aka once the cheese is melted to perfection) and place the egg on top (along with the avocado pieces).

and there you have it… an open-faced breakfast sandwich that took under five minutes to make.


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