lemon dill rice recipe


the conversation that happened as i walked in the door…

me: oooohh what are you guys making?

jade: trout!

me: nice! oh yeah, randy mentioned that earlier… he also said you wanted rice with it? what kind of rice do you want?

jade: hmmm i don’t know, i haven’t even thought of that yet… maybe a dill lemony rice?

me: done.

two seconds later (thanks to google), i found this. i sauteed some onions in a pot with olive oil, tried to “parch” the rice like it says to do in the recipe, but to be honest, i didn’t really know what that meant. i got scared i was going to burn the uncooked rice after leaving it in there for a few seconds so i decided to dump the water, lemon juice, dill, black pepper, and sea-salt in and let it boil. after bringing it to a boil, i lowered the heat to a medium heat and half-covered the pot with the lid. once the water had absorbed and i started to see craters in the rice, i turned down the heat to low and covered the pot completely, and took it off the stove when it was done.

i was surprised that a recipe that literally took me two seconds to find off google (and then another ten minutes to make) worked out so well. it went quite nicely with the trout that randy made; i would post the recipe but i have no idea what he put on it, and neither does he.


3 thoughts on “lemon dill rice recipe

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