my last day at lasalle (and julia’s cake)

i gave my two-week notice two months ago… and the day finally came on friday as my last day at lasalle college international vancouver! after two and a half years in my position, i finally outgrew it. we have a small branch in vancouver, so unless i wanted my director’s position (which would require waiting for him to resign), there was no room for me to move up. my decision was nothing personal towards the company, as i believe lasalle is a great school and i still have a good relationship with everyone working there (including my director and the vp of the company), and they understood my need for change.

but why quit before i had another job offer lined up? i had to give myself a deadline, or else i wouldn’t be motivated enough to find something new. i mean, i had my own office, i made enough money to live my life, and my coworkers weren’t serial-killers – so i was definitely comfortable. but in my heart, i knew i couldn’t be an admissions representative for the next ten (even two) years and do the exact same thing, on repeat. i needed a change, and a completely new challenge. my passion for this role was gone – so it was time to let go. it wasn’t fair to myself, or the company. i work well under pressure… so i put the pressure on myself by giving myself an end-date. it’s definitely a huge risk i’m taking… but no great rewards with no risks right?

as i mentioned before, i have a great respect for this company and everyone that i worked with, hence the two-month notice that i gave them. we were able to train someone early to transition into my position slowly, so the company wouldn’t undergo any awkward transition phases and it would still be able to operate business as usual. i’m leaving on great terms, with amazing references, and nothing but love for everyone that showered me with kind words, food, and cake on my last day. which leads me to julia’s homemade cake, pictured above. this woman is seriously so amazing – she’s a fashion instructor at lasalle, but always makes the best, detailed-oriented homemade cakes for special occasions (aka birthdays and goodbye parties). the specific kind she made for me this time was a cheesecake ball, coated in chocolate – delicious.

i’m a little bit scared and nervous for this new chapter in my life… but mostly excited. change is always good. i’m hoping to move into a role that has a huge emphasis on social media and marketing, because that’s where my true passion lies. i love being part of projects and strategizing, and i love using my creativity to help businesses develop in positive ways. i’d absolutely love to work for an advertising agency (or something similar… pr firm, digital agency, etc.) with a lot of young, fresh, energetic, and brilliant minds who believe in change and have that “work hard, play hard” attitude, and for a company where i can eventually move up and build a solid career with. *fingers crossed* 


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