food-trucks and #eatSMWVAN


bucket-list item #77. try all the food-trucks in vancouver.

coincidentally, it actually lines up nicely with invoke’s social media week food-truck cross-city challenge this week.
challenge accepted.
my most-visted food-truck so far this week (aka every day for breakfast) – yolk’s (on dunsmuir and beatty).
all the dishes that i’ve “grabbed” via the eat street app (that are pictured above):
  • rib-eye steak and free-range egg sandwich with crispy onion rings, bernaise sauce, and stilton on brioche bread
  • hash brown skewer (organic local potatoes with lemon, truffle oil and sea salt)
  • croque madame “muffin” (brioche bread, carved ham, béchamel sauce, gruyere, poached free-range yolk)
  • free-range egg sandwiches
  • hand carved honey ham, poached free-range egg, yolk’s made dijon, fresh spinach with real hollandaise or aged white cheddar
  • double smoked bacon, poached free-range egg, fresh arugula with real hollandaise or aged white cheddar
  • tempura-panko avocado, poached free-range egg, fresh cilantro & lime hollandaise
“the egg yolks are runny so be careful, sometimes they explode.”

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