in the depths of downtown vancouver (and right next to lasalle college) lies a little japanese place by the name of miyako. around the peak hours for lunch-time when the whole business world decides to take their lunch breaks, this tiny place can get as busy as the bustling, business-suit city outside its doors. after 2 pm though, it empties out and slows down… and all the food becomes 10% off because of miyako’s “happy hour” (2 pm – 4 pm).

the fish is surprisingly fresh: the nigiri and sashimi are of a supreme quality. a dab of wasabi is placed in-between the rice and the fish in the nigiri, like a light layer of glue holding the nigiri together. the tuna tataki deviates faintly from the original tuna sashimi because it is slightly seared. served with a sesame-soya sauce, this sashimi dish just screams sheer scrumptiousness.

all the sushi rolls on the menu are terrific: from the salmon avocado roll/tuna avocado roll (and their spicy versions)to the yam tempura roll and the negitoro roll. it’s pretty hard to go wrong with sushi when the slices of sashimi are the best thing about the menu because the fish is so fresh.

the bento boxes and lunch combos that come with an assortment of teriyaki (beef or chicken are my personal favourites), sushi rolls (i always substitute my california rolls for yam tempura rolls), assorted tempura, tuna or wild-salmon sashimi, salad (the traditional japanese dressing on the salads is amazing), fruit, and ebi sunomono are always filling, and reasonably-priced.


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