the noodle box


one of the only places in north america that i’ve been to that is actually spicy. when they say “spicy” they mean business.

so the dishes aren’t traditionally malaysian/indonesian/singaporean or whatever they’re trying to be, but it’s all still delicious. very westernized “asian” food… but legitimately spicy. they give you huge portions too.

the vibe of the noodle box located in kits (1867 west fourth avenue) is really cool… the last time i went to that one, dubstep was blasting from the speakers and all the employees were dancing and having a great time as they worked – it was awesome! i love walking into a place where you can tell that they have a great work environment going on – it just brings a positive vibe and atmosphere to the place, which adds to the overall experience and increases customer satisfaction. i mean, who doesn’t enjoy a place where everyone is happy and having a great time?


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