frog cupcakes up at shuswap lake


i decided to make dallas frog birthday cupcakes since i got to see him up at his family’s lake house this weekend. jade, randy, and dong helped me construct them, which is why some turned into dragons and other unidentifiable “frogs”. who knew that making cupcakes could be so fun? even the boys enjoyed themselves, although they were reluctant to help out at first. gathering the ingredients for these cupcakes was actually the hardest part of the entire process;  for some reason they don’t seem to sell apple rings ANYWHERE in vancouver – between randy and i (since he offered to hunt the ingredients down while jade and i were at work), we literally went to seven different stores trying to find them. i finally spotted peach rings at 711 so i thought… fuck it, the frogs are going to have yellow/orange eyes. the original recipe i found here made the frogs completely green… but these frogs turned out a bit more tropical, with their different coloured eyes and tongues. which is fitting (i guess) since i did meet dallas in the tropics (we met in the 8th grade back in indonesia).

this weekend was AMAZING. it was a perfect weekend of wakeboarding, boating, cliff jumping, barbecuing, and campfires at shuswap lake. i always have the most relaxing weekends up there and the best times with such good company. it’s so nice to get out of the city and breathe. i wish we could all be there for juuuuust a little longer, weekends are always way too short.



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