east coast vacay


my two-week vacation from work was spent visiting friends and family in toronto, new york, philly, delaware, dc, and montreal. we obviously spent a great majority of the time eating.

food highlights:

* nyc pizza & bagels

* surprisingly good sushi on the east coast

* lots of ramen in nyc

* steak salads (my latest obsession – blog post on steak salads to come)

* red lobster & chipotle (chains they should open up in canada, which will also appear in a separate blog post)

* the chicken adobo my cousin made in dc

* authentic dimsum in montreal

* poutine from montreal

for future reference (lessons learned on my trip):

* always book direct flights (unless you have lounge access) – it’s worth the few hundred dollar difference; more specifically, don’t ever book anything with a six hour layover in edmonton at 1:30 in the morning… actually, just avoid the edmonton airport at all costs, it’s terrible.

* don’t book early morning flights.

* megabus is what’s up.

* imessage is also what’s up.

* if you want to live in a hot and humid place (aka the east coast) centralized air conditioning is KEY.

* a big, floppy sun-hat is also key and more than just “cute” in that sun/heat – it’s like your own personal shade and so necessary.

* don’t move to nyc unless you own a billion dollars.

* canadian cities are generally cleaner and less crowded than american cities.

* even though we all “grow up” and live our own lives, everyone’s still so the same and exactly how i knew them – it’s so comforting and awesome.

* the more i travel, the more i appreciate vancouver (especially when it’s sunny with a cool breeze) and how grateful i am for the life i’ve made for myself in this city – it has definitely become “home” (for now) and is so nice to come back to.


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