if i were to open up a business in vancouver, this would be it. this place is just pure genius. shogun (518 hornby street) is a small place strategically and conveniently located in the middle of business central and perfect for anyone’s lunch break (especially on those rainy days that go perfectly with a bowl of chicken ramen). the service is spectacular – probably because it’s so tiny so they want people in and out of there as fast as possible so they can maximize their profitability. the dishes are essentially rice or noodles with some sort of meat (beef, chicken, or pork mainly), and a few veggies – my guess is that all ingredients are bought in bulk for close to nothing. so let’s assume each dish costs around 50 cents to make, but sells for around $10 (which is still considered cheap for an office lunch-break) – do the math, and that’s a 2000% mark-up. no wonder it can afford to be open only on weekdays from 10 am – 4 pm (and that probably saves even more money, from staffing costs to electricity).


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