EAT vancouver


my roommate jade and i decided to check out EAT vancouver at bc place (777 pacific boulevard) today. apart from running into shane and amanda at separate booths (vancouver is getting way too small), it was the best $14 i’ve ever spent on lunch. there were a million samples of everything that included various kinds of cheeses, bread, olive oil (you won’t believe how many different types of olive oil there are out there), wine jellies, chicken, llama, drinks (you had to buy coupons to sample in the beer/wine garden, but it was only an additional $10 to get quite a few liquor samples), hummus, chips, dips, etc. there was such a wide variety of food available in samples, and it was surprisingly filling. we left STUFFED… and with three boxes of tea, a jar of truffle-oil pesto, eight containers of hummus (thank goodness you can freeze them), and two-mini massage chairs (a total impulse buy on both our parts, but definitely the best purchase of the day).


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