tourist destination #48574: wicklows’ patio for the crab eggs benny


jade’s (my roommate) (boy)friend randy came to visit from alberta, so apart from the excuse to do touristy things we normally wouldn’t do on a daily basis (like go to the aquarium – i went for the first time in the seven years i’ve lived here), we obviously had to show him the best dishes in the city. this included the rock crab benny from the wicklow pub (610 stamps landing), that we call wicklows for short. the crab they use is extremely fresh (the seafood in vancouver is just phenomenal if you know where to go), covered in an excellent hollandaise sauce (the KEY ingredient to a good eggs benny in my opinion), and plated with a side of seasoned hashbrowns. we decided to take advantage of the first nice day in weeks, so we took the aquabus over (another touristy must-do in vancouver) and then took him to wreck beach afterwards with our friends andrew (who was also visiting) and raquel.
“gretchen and jade are the best tour guides to have in vancouver – they always know the best places to go,” raquel told randy while we were on our way to wreck.
“only when it comes to beaches, booze, and food,” i replied.

One thought on “tourist destination #48574: wicklows’ patio for the crab eggs benny

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