harambe, one big party

“in swahili, harambe means ‘working together in unity’ or ‘let’s pull together’. the harambe concept is used throughout africa to initiate projects that require people to work together and pool their resources. in true african style, harambe is also one big party, uniting the community while working together toward the chosen cause.” (http://www.haramberestaurant.com/)

i’ve never had ethiopian food before, so i can’t comment on how authentic it was, but i can say it was pretty tasty. my friend charlie and i, ordered the big combo plate from harambe (2149 commercial drive), which allowed us to try a bit of everything – the meats (beef, chicken, and lamb), veggies, lentils, etc. it was served with a side of these crepe-like pieces, which you tore off and wrapped around the different meats and veggies.

paired with ethiopian wine (which was served in a beaker-like glass and was kind of strange-tasting at first, but got better with every sip you took), it was a great meal overall.

whether it was authentic or not, it sure felt like a complete cultural experience. the decor and how the restaurant was set up was really cute, and they even had an “authentic ethiopian seating area”. it was great to try something new and so different to anything i have ever tried before.


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