dish of the day, revamped


i finally decided to mess around with wordpress and i’m slowly going to switch over the best entries from my “dish of the day” tumblr food-blog, and gradually add even more.

so what better way to start off this “new and improved” blog with my “new years” entry:

in honor of new years’ resolutions and trying to lose all that holiday weight… gomae: a traditional japanese appetizer – spinach in peanut sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds (from ji sushi, 457 w broadway). my go-to after an intense bikram yoga class, which is conveniently located right down the street. refreshing, healthy, and delicious.

so apart from the generic “eating healthily” and “exercising more” resolutions (which are completely valid and important resolutions by the way), some of the ones on my list include:

* to stop making the same mistakes in life and start making new ones – i want to fill up 2012 with as many “firsts” as possible.

* learn a new language (portuguese and french are on the top of my list).

* visit at least two places in the world that i’ve never been to before (i want to see the whole world, but it’s hard to do with limited vacation time).

* actively recognize every opportunity that comes my way and take it… take every single one. “our lives are defined by opportunities. even the ones we miss.” take more risks, take more chances, and just do it if it feels right.

* to be even more open-minded, not rule anything out, and give everything a chance…

alright, i could go on, but this list all somehow relates back to the first “resolution” i made in regards to “firsts”, so i’ll just stop here. i want to keep staying true to myself, love all the people that matter to me with everything i have, and accept myself for exactly who i am, flaws and all, but to never stop on trying to become a better person by those daily self-improvements that happen in my life a step at a time.

“stay away from what might have been and look at what will be.” i’m ready for 2012!! happy new yearssss x

…and welcome to my new food blog.


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